There are many sundries in my house, for example, the cartoons, outdated clothing, and so on. So i want to rent a simple storage, but i do not know what size i need, how do i make the choice?
Because different customers has different requirements, the size of the simple storage depends on the quantities. Generally speaking, if you have little goods, one simple storage of fifteen feets to twenty five feets is enough, but we advise you to take a look at it by yourself.
There are about 20 to 30 cartons files in our company, what size of simple storage we need?
It depends on the size, if your carton size is similar as the fruit carton, then you rent a simple storage whose available area is about twenty five feets to thirty five feets is enough
I want to rent your simple storage, but i do not know how to move the large and heavy goods to your warehouse?
Our company also supplies the transportation service. We can give the professional tranpotation service on storing goods or moving house/ office.
I want to visit your simple storage, but i am always off work at 8:00 pm to 9:00 pm, could you arrange the time for me?
Though our business time is end at 7:00 pm, but for customers’ convenience, we can also make a special arrangement for you, you only need to call our twenty four hours customer service hot line to contact.
If i want to rent your simple storage after visiting, what procedures are there?
If you are household customer, you only need to take your id card and fill the rent form, after paying you can use it right away; if you are company customer, you need to take the copy of the business registration certificate.
Could you tell me how to caculate the beginning rent date?
We make the first of every month as the beginning day, the rent of the first month is caculated by the propotion. If you want to end the lease, we will charge you the whole month rent for the last month
My house is under decoration, i want to rent the simple storage only for half a month, so how about the rent?
If the simple sotrage you want to rent is not less than twenty six feets (the available area) and the lease is not less than one month, we can caculate by the week after one month. And the weekly rent is a quarter of the monthly rent. If you use it more than three weeks, then we will charge you the whole month rent.
The simple storage i use now is not large enough; can i change for the larger one?
Of course you can, you only need to pay the balance of the deposit.
Our company wants to pay in accordance with the invoice; could you send the invoice to us every month?
Yes, we can. You only need to note this on the contract; we will send the invoice to you every month.
What procedures i need to take when i want to end the lease?
If customers want to end the lease, they have to inform the simple storage clerk before seven days by writing, and when they are ending the lease, the deposit will be retured to them. The customers need to fill the reture lettles; we will deal with it within one week after receiving the lettles.