Because there is large population but little land in hong kong, so many customers need to solve the problems of storage. Releasing more space for the house can make the family live more comfortable, or save the precious space for all trades and professions so that they can save much expensive rents of business buildings. The simple storage does not request the long term lease, so the customers can choose the short term lease, for example, one to two months or longer that that, and what is more, the procedures are very simple and convenient, the rent is cheap, every customer has the independent feather-touch ic card and the indepentdent key of the storage so that the customer can be in and out to take or keep their goods at any time without an appointment.

The simple storage is very practical, the rent is caculated by the available area, none of wheeling and dealing lots of storage areas of other companies is only floor space, so the available areas is generally about sixty percents, but we charge the rent by the available area, which is the actual price and easy to be caculated.

The simple storage owns the perfect storage application, which includes the closed-circuit television, feather-touch ic door system, the air conditioner and the dehumidifier, fireproof and watering system, and so on, all of these are on the success of giving the customers confidence to store their goods in simple storages.

There are many sundries in my house, for example, the cartoons, outdated clothing, and so on. So i want to rent a simple storage……
There are about 20 to 30 cartons files in our company, could you tell me what size of simple storage we need?
I want to rent your simple storage, but i do not know how to move the large and heavy goods…..